Values, Vision, & Mission


  • Hard Work—Effort, elbow grease, Oomph;
  • Mastery—acquiring, learning, applying skills;
  • Courage—unwillingness to allow the fear of mistakes to get in the way of success
  • Self-Reliance—paddle one’s own canoe, pull one-self up by one’s own boot straps

Pound-for-pound and stroke-for-stroke the best team in Canada.

Provide an environment where student-athletes are becoming better people through excellence in swimming.


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Coach Ryan MacDonald

Head Coach

Coach Ryan MacDonald has an adaptive coaching style that allows him to prepare student-athletes for success in the pool and in life. His athlete-centered philosophy stresses the importance of hard work, mastery, self-reliance, and the mental strength to overcome failure. Coach Ryan’s swimmers are seen as leaders, positive role models to younger swimmers and are characterized by their commitment to excellence, being selfless teammates, and contributors to improving the sport of swimming.

Armed with 20 years of experience coaching children of all ages and abilities, aided with his prior military service, Ryan a solid perspective towards preparing athletes for a success. Throughout the years, he has coached a championship swimmer in every stroke and distance—to include Open Water. A number of swimmers he has developed have gone on to swim in College/University in the US and Canada.

Much of Ryan’s coaching career has been spent with recognized USA-S teams of Excellence such as: Sierra Marlins in Calf., Marlins Of Raleigh, and New Wave Swim Team of North Carolina; as well as, coaching high school teams and developmental teams along the way. Coach Ryan holds a B.S. in Sport and Health Science and is a Level 3 certified—level 5 educated—member of the American Swim Coaches Association.

Ryan lives in Edmonton with his bride of 23 years and their three children.

Coach Heidi MacDonald


Jessica Good



Jayden Osinchuk


Discovery, Pre-Comp, PWP

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Kristin Beeler

Vice President

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Alyssa van Keulen

Team Manager

Also current Fundraising Coordinator –


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