Pee Wee Pirates

Posted by Parkland Pirates Aquatic Club on Aug 30 2021 at 10:24AM PDT


Registration Opens Sept 1st

Learn to Swim: (Ages 4.5 to 12 years old)
The PeeWee Pirates are a structured child activity to give a child more individual instruction without a lot of wasted time.
Sessions are 25 minute semi-private lessons with a max of 3 children that attend 1-day a week. In the event that only one swimmer signs up or shows up—it becomes a Private swim lesson and will go for 20 minutes.

Swimmers are paired up into Levels 1-2 and Levels 2-3
Level 1 – Introduction to the water, aquatic safety, and swimming skills-for beginning swimmers
Level 2 – build on level 1 skills such as kicking, floating, and proper position to develop stronger and more confident swimmers.
Level 3 – develop and build on skills learned in levels 1 and 2 with the aim to prepare a child to perform full stroke freestyle and backstroke.

PWP Schedule is set round around the Parkland Pirate Swim Academy; as well as, Pirate competitive and pre-comp swim groups.
Due to the rotating sport academy schedule and growth of the Pirate program PWP is set NOT on a specific day. However we scheduled a little bit of fluctuation to allow for more lesson opportunities.
A, C , & E is from 4:00-4:25
B, D, & F is from 4:30-4:55

GROUPS A & B $623 or 7x instalments of $89 plus registration fees
GROUPS C & D $651 or 7x instalments of $93 plus registration fees
GROUPS E & F $623 or 7x instalments of $89 plus registration fees