Posted by Ryan MacDonald on Nov 05 2019 at 10:48PM PST

Learning, the act of acquiring knowledge, occurs when information is allowed in and mixed with previous experience—changes what we know.  Learning is based on input, process and reflection. Learning changes us.   

This week we want to touch on input.  Is the information coming to you even being allowed in?  An athlete cannot process or reflect on information that was never allowed in the first place.

Receiving input involves the following:

  • Look at the person speaking to you—eye contact is best.
  • Keep the passageway clear for sound to enter into your ears—slide the swim cap off your ears.
  • Remain quite, one hand on the wall (if in the water) and hold still when receiving instruction.
  • Lift your head up and stand/sit upright and straight.
  • Avoid distractions—ignore them completely.


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