Posted by Parkland Pirates Aquatic Club on Oct 24 2019 at 12:28PM PDT

In Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, “arete” is used to describe heroes and nobles.  The tale often refers to strength, courage, and praises co-operation (relationship).  Arete, is Greek for virtue or excellence.  It was considered by the Greeks virtuous to excel—be the best you.  At the Pirates we embrace arete, we embrace Excellence.  The Greeks knew that by striving to develop one’s talents,  practicing excellence, would not only develop the desired talent, but in the process, one would discover new talents.  

The discovering of new talents is what helps children become better people. The treasures of being a Pirate isn’t just in the FUN and the FAST. The real gold is found in the process. Every time a child learns to stretch themselves they begin—to embrace arete, and begin to learn something deeper and more meaningful then a simple outcome.

We practice Arete by:

  • giving our best to any skill we learn
  • putting effort into our relationships 
  • sticking with the process
  • embracing the hard