Red Deer and Nutrition info

Posted by Ryan MacDonald on Jul 11 2019 at 11:02AM PDT

With the meet moving from Edmonton to Red Deer….We needed to update the training calendar.
We are not holding practice Friday and Saturday (Pre Comp is still on). Monday we will be back to normal schedule.
Below is some Red Dear info and Nutrition 4-1-1 found in the team handbook.
The Red Deer pool area was not designed with hosting meets in mind.
For parents, the viewing area is very limited. I believe most people rotate out onto a balcony to watch.
Swimmers should be equipped to go the duration of a session without the aid of parents. This includes self soothing after a disappointment. They will need a mat, something to sit on. I ask that they pack more towels, as a rule of thumb have 1 dry towel for every event they swim.
It appears that the first session will end by 11:30 AM, the second by 7:00 PM
Sunday should end by noon….the 800’s by 2PM
Please avoid junk food snacks. Candy, soda, chips, chocolate, etc has no place in an athletic setting.
From the handbook pg. 32 …we have about 4 pages of information on Nutrition
Pre-event Nutrition
The major purpose of the pre-event diet is to ensure sufficient energy and fluid for the athlete. Two to three days before competition, a high carbohydrate diet with plenty of fluids should be emphasized. The pre-event meal should include a light, high carbohydrate meal three to four hours before the event.
Nutrition During Competition
Provided that good nutrition practices were followed during training, middle distance and sprint events will not be limited by nutrition-related factors. During a three to four-day competition, make sure you consume plenty of fluids and each meal should include high carbohydrate, low fat selections.
Nutrition After Competition
High intensity work will deplete the muscle’s energy supplies. Therefore, carbohydrates play an important role after competition to make sure energy stores are maintained. When you need to recover, eat your recovery snack or meal within 30 minutes of finishing your practice or swim meet.